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Bambola Lash Boss Program

BLB Brand Ambassador

Join the Boss Society

We are offering a exciting opportunity to passionate lash artists nationwide. We want to team up with you and help you succeed as a partnership in this amazing industry. If you work out of a salon or in your own home space, it doesn’t matter where you lash from, you will have a chance to become one of your Ambassadors. Here at Bambola our goal is to give you and your clients the best that this industry has to offer.

  • Lash certified
  • Exclusively carry and use our full line of products
  • Passionate about our lash brand and lash industry
  • Active on social media for lash extensions
  • Have a good professional image and reputation
  • Believe in the BLB brand
  • Exclusive 20% off all orders
  • Social media promotions and posts
  • Exclusive new product gifts
  • BLB nationwide educator opportunity
  • Exposure on our social media
  • Trade show opportunities to attend representing our brand
  • Part of the BLB brand
  • Create attention and buzz for any new BLB products or training
  • Be an influential, positive member of the lash community
  • Give ideas and feedback on BLB products and training materiel
  • Represent BLB/Bambola on all social media with posts/tags/hashtags
  • Occasionally be a featured guest on our social media
  • You are not to promote any other lash company, products, training or service
  • Never talk negatively about BLB or any other brand
  • Post twice a week about Bambola/BLB
  • Always use our brand hashtags in your lash posts
  • Promoting our training dates regularly
  • Be active on social media daily and include BLB in your posts to promote our brand
  • Work with BLB partners by striving to grow our lash family together
  • Give honest and timely feedback on our product samples
Failing to do the above will immediately expel you from our Bambola Lash Boss Society.

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