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Our Top Priority
Is Quality

Full sets




  • 1 Extension to 1 natural lash
  • Unlimited lash count to healthy lashes only
  • Consultation before service
  • 2 hours booked


Requirements & Care

  • You must have 40% of your lashes on to be considered for a fill. Please book a full set slot if you have anything less than this.

  • Please come to your lash appointment with no eye makeup on and your lashes freshly washed and clean. Cleaning on site will cut into your lash appointment time.

  • At each fill appointment there is time needed to remove grown out and weak extensions to fill with new extensions. Take this into consideration when booking your fill appointment.

  • To keep your set at its fullest potential, it is recommended to get your fill done every 2 weeks. To maintain the look of your lashes, setting 3 weeks is ideal. Anything longer than 4 weeks will be considered and booked as a full set.

  • After care is very important and can effect your retention time. Make sure all the products you use on your face are oil free as it will effect your lashes from keeping their bond.

  • Weeks are estimates since retention is different for everyone according to different lifestyles and aftercare.

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